Sunday, February 03, 2013

Philadelphia Weatherperson's Week 2013

Two years ago, we thought it would be cool to profile various weatherpeople from around the Delaware Valley to give you an insight into the lives of individuals who work in meteorology, mainly in the broadcasting realm or with the National Weather Service.  It's one of our more popular features that we do each February in coordination with National Weatherperson's Day on February 5th.

Now in its third year, Philadelphia Weatherperson's Week is our way to pay tribute to the various individuals who work to produce weather forecasts around the region.  As with past tradition, our series focuses mostly on television meteorologists and forecasters and provides a window into their lives that we don't normally get to see on the day-to-day.   We have a nice lineup of TV weatherfolk again this year...a cross-section from various times of day and representing nearly every TV station in the Delaware Valley.  We think you'll like our profiles up ahead.

We're also profiling the chief meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Mount Holly, continuing our incorporation of the Weather Service into our mix.

This year, we're adding an individual who works in the business but in the private sector.  Philadelphia has a pretty robust private sector for meteorology, with a number of companies dealing in weather, commodity or energy forecasting, and private-based weather services.  We're going to profile an individual who works in the private side of the biz this week since many aspiring kids in the "biz" may ultimately end up in the private sector.

As always, the stories they tell show how others have shaped who they are and what they've learned along the way.  We hope you enjoy the profiles over the next several days.

In case you missed them, here's a look at our past profiles from 2012 and 2011.