Thursday, February 28, 2013

Places That Have Seen More Snow Than You

We posted this yesterday on our Facebook page with one minor change but it shows the idea of this winter around here.  If you're a snow lover or a member of the snowstarved, obviously it's not been your winter despite the more typical winter weather we've seen around these parts since mid January.  Winter across the Northeast and Mid Atlantic has been a matter of latitude and geography, with Boston and places to the north fairing relatively well while New York City has less than half of Boston's snow and Philadelphia has less than half of New York's.  Portland, ME, not listed on the graphic above, has nearly twice the snow of Boston this winter (84.5") despite not being terribly far removed from Boston geographically. Other spots in New England, like Burlington, VT, are doing pretty well this winter (65" versus 60.4" on average).

If you're down in Washington, DC, snowfall this winter has been even more fleeting, with less than a quarter of Philadelphia's total this winter.

Nationally through yesterday, 49% of the country has some snow cover, which is an increase over last month at this time (41%) and over last year at this point (29%).  The major beneficiaries in snow in recent weeks have been the Midwest and Plains, with Kansas, Missouri, and western Oklahoma having picked up two major snowstorms in a week's time.  Amarillo's 29.6" of snow this winter is over double what is normal for them so far this winter and their 25" of snow in February is nine times their normal snowfall in the month of February.

For us, our seven inch total is 37% of "normal" this winter and our 2.7" this month is 31% of the current February average.  It's an improvement on last winter for those who like snow but for many snowbirds, that 'improvement' isn't enough.