Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Sorta Snowless In Philadelphia

While for some of us, this winter hasn't been all that bad...a few locations have exceeded ten inches of snow for the winter, others are struggling to get snows. Philadelphia is one of those spots, sitting at 5.4" through this morning.  While that isn't a lot, it's better than last winter.

Gotta keep telling ourselves that it could be worse, right?

Well, it has...over two winters as well.  Back in the winter of 1949-50 and 50-51, Philadelphia picked up a combined total of 6.5" of snow from BOTH winters.  1.9" in 49-50, 4.6" in 50-51.

Before the days of the internet, thankfully.  Imagine the kvetching, weeping, and gnashing of teeth that would have taken place had we followed up a sub two inch winter with sub five inches.  At least we still have over 40% of the snow season to look forward to so we have a pretty decent shot of getting past some of these other wimpy winter duos.

The one thing to notice in these data sets is that two trios of bad winters make up four of the eight least snowy duos.  1929-32 combined for 20" of snow over three winters and 1996-99 combined for 26.2", with 1949-52 combining for 22.7" (that would be the second least snowy of the three winter data sets, with 1951-52 dropping a respectable 16.2").  It is somewhat cyclical in nature -- good winters can be followed by some rather crappy ones and after two blockbuster snowy winters it isn't a surprise that we had a dud last year.   Whether or not we have a dud this winter is dependent on the next five weeks (er, maybe more like 48 hours?) and how we fare in the snow department.

The nickel and dime snows of recent days help but they only take you so far...