Monday, February 25, 2013

Training For Spring

The Phillies have been in Clearwater for a week and a half now, roughing it in the mild Florida sunshine as temperatures have generally been in the 60's and 70's most of their time down in Florida so far.  It's a far departure from where we're at and where we're going to be over the next several weeks.

Clearwater's average temperature climbs ten degrees over the next two months, going from 73 back last Tuesday to 83 degrees on April 25th.  It's a slow climb thanks to the influence of the Gulf of Mexico helping to prevent a more rapid's also the Gulf that helps keep them warmer in winter and prevents average highs from dropping dramatically in the winter.  While still prone to occasional cold days, the coldest day that's hit the Tampa area this winter was a week ago Sunday, when highs were 55 degrees.  Last winter was 54.  It doesn't get too chilly down there.

Contrast that to Philadelphia, where the average high today is 46 degrees, just 27 degrees colder than Clearwater.   It will take Philadelphia until May 12th to reach Clearwater's average high today but our climb of temperatures over the next three months is rather epic -- we will see our average high jump over 30 degrees by the time May 25th rolls around (up to 77) and by mid June we will be in the mid 80's for an average high.  For warm lovers, it will become much, much more tolerable in the coming weeks.