Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tuesday Night's Windswept Rains

After today's breezes, tomorrow shapes up as a relatively calm and pretty nice day by February standards.  Another storm system in the pipeline will cross through the Plains and push northeast with rain for us on Tuesday evening into early Wednesday.  The majority of rain falls at night, with a general half to one inch of rain likely for most of the region.   The NAM, in its far stages out, is more aggressive with rainfall but the Euro and GFS tend to see this similarly at this point.

For most of the region, the wintry side of this storm may be limited. Exceptions to this will be north of the city where precipitation may begin with a period of sleet before transitioning over to rain after the brief shot of sleet on the front end.  That transition to rain won't be a big deal for everyone south of Allentown as temperatures will likely be sufficiently warm enough to prevent icing. However, the Poconos could see a period of icy rain in between the sleet start and rainy finish as cold air may hold tight for a chunk of the event.    How lengthy that period of icy rain is remains to be seen.

Down here, rain with wind will rule the roost on Tuesday night and in the predawn hours on Wednesday.  Winds could gust to 40 mph or higher at the Shore, 30 mph for the rest of us as the storm system pushes in from the southwest.   Rains from this portion of the storm system will push out on Wednesday morning, with the balance of Wednesday pretty nice around the region although some breezes are possible.  The upper level piece of this storm, the part of the storm that will set up the trough in the Eastern US through early March, begins to impact our region's weather on Thursday as it moves in from the west.