Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weather Rewind -- February 10-16, 2013

Temperatures last week were above average by 3.2 degrees as we benefited from two mild afternoons and evenings -- Friday's 57 and Monday's 51 in the evening provided a large chunk of the week's mildness although the stretch in between was also a few degrees above average each day.  After a crisp start on Sunday morning with 21 degrees, the region moderated on Monday as rain and milder air pushed into the region, bringing 0.49" of the week's 0.77" total.  Fog ruled the roost for much of Monday afternoon before clearing out during the overnight hours Monday night.   Wednesday brought a shot of rain to snow, repeated on Friday to the city's west and northwest, as the region got anywhere from a coating to three inches on Wednesday evening, followed by coating to four inch totals north and west of the city on Friday night.

For the week, Philly got 0.2" of snow although some other locations picked up more than that.

For the month, the nation's warmth was centered in the middle and Plains of the country as temperatures have averaged between five and ten degrees above normal from Montana southeast through the Plains and south through Texas -- these same areas are the general "drought zones" from last winter and continue to face high to exceptional levels of drought.  A good chunk of the Northeast has been below average this month along with the Southwest US.