Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weather Rewind - February 3-9, 2013

Temperatures last week were 2.3 degrees below average, our second cold week in the last three.  At least the last bit of time has felt like and looked like winter despite that really warm Wednesday and early Thursday.  A parade of clippers, plus a larger coastal storm, have impacted the region over the course of the last seven days, bringing pittances of snow to the city while the coastal storm benefited those to our north and northeast better than it did us.

That said, the Philly metro has picked up 4.3" of snow in the last two plus weeks...which isn't too terribly far from "normal" snows in the winter.  It's not great by any stretch but it is better than nothing!

The big story last week was the coastal storm, which dropped an inch or two along I-76, more snow to the north and northeast.  As much as six inches of snow fell in Bucks County, as much as eleven inches fell in Monmouth County near the Shore.  For the week, the city picked up 1.9" of snow and the city is at 6.8" winter-to-date.  No longer in the bottom ten of snowlessness, either.   We weren't as "blessed" as New England to get pummeled like they did but we've certainly improved on last winter's numbers.

Nationally, the US is running at 43% coverage in snow, which is up quite a bit on last winter's current numbers (28%).  It's below the 63-64% totals we had in 2010 and 2011 but it certainly could be worse locally.  Unfortunately, we've just had to nickel and dime our way to get there.