Sunday, February 03, 2013

Weather Rewind - January 27-February 2, 2013

In a week of yo-yo weather, temperatures ended up averaging 2.9 degrees above average overall as the midweek blowtorch of warmth outweighed the bookend of cold on either side of the equation.  We flirted with or hit record highs in a few spots on Wednesday as temperatures soared into the 60's, even the 70's to the south of the city, ahead of a windswept soaking that moved through Wednesday night and Thursday morning.  Some of the warmth lingered into Thursday morning at enough of a clip to allow for record warmth  at Wilmington on Thursday morning.

Rainfall last week in Philadelphia totaled over an inch -- mostly in Wednesday night/Thursday's storm system, which brought as much as almost three inches of rain across parts of Chester and Lancaster Counties.

In addition to the wild winds of warmth, cold air's return on Thursday was enhanced by a pair of clippers -- one on Friday morning that brought a pittance of snow to the city but almost eight inches of snow to Cape May County, and a second system on Saturday evening that brought a coating to two inches of snow around the region.  The city, in four separate snow events last week, picked up an inch of snow (including a tenth of an inch that fell into this morning in last night's event).

Nationally, January was above average on the whole of the month east of the Rockies while below average over the Rockies and west.  However, that warmth was not universal as a solid week of arctic cold pushed through the eastern half of the country.  However, parts of Nevada finished fifteen or more degrees below average for the month of January as the "core of cold" for much of the month set up shop in the West.