Saturday, March 16, 2013

100 Miles Separates Spring From Winter

Being on the wrong (or right if you like hodge podge weather) side of the boundary makes all of the difference today in the region's weather.  It's currently near 60 in Washington, 33 in York, with 30's common throughout Eastern Pennsylvania this afternoon with rain, sleet, snow, and thunder....the first three dependent on precipitation intensity.

While there are no advisories out for the stuff falling from the sky around the Philly metro, the sleety portion of these showers is making for some moderately slick travel in spots, especially in Chester County where 202 and 422 come together was a bit dicey earlier this afternoon.  The snow part is not as bad but areas where sleet was falling the roads were slickening up a bit.

The back edge of the overall shield of precipitation is approaching I-81 and should reach the region around sunset tonight.  Temperatures won't warm much in response to precipitation ending, with a chilled night ahead.  Doug has the forecast in a little bit.

When precipitation slackened off, it was mostly falling as light drizzle or rain, perhaps mixed with snowflakes.  Regardless, temperatures are rather raw and rotten around the area.   Earlier snow from this morning's precipitation has melted in a number of spots but did accumulate to an inch in a few locations in Southeastern Pennsylvania earlier this morning.

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