Saturday, March 09, 2013

A Much Nicer Day Ahead

Clear skies dominate the region early this morning and will dominate the region through the course of the day today.  It's going to be a much nicer day compared to yesterday.

Temperatures this morning are in the 30's throughout the region with north breezes between 5 and 15 mph.  It will be a good bit less brisk than yesterday although the morning hours will be a bit breezy at times as the last influences of the coastal storm are felt over the region.  However, with a sun that's as strong in the sky as it is at the beginning of October and very few to no cloud cover whatsoever, the weather this afternoon will be brilliantly bright.

Mid 50's will be common through much of the the region this afternoon, with some lower 50's possible from Trenton on north where snow is still residing on the ground early this morning and may slow the progress of warmth.  The snow, except maybe in the Northwest Jersey mountains, won't be around all that much longer today as temperatures everywhere do crack 50.  In the city, we're calling for 55 this afternoon with plenty of sunshine.