Friday, March 08, 2013

Bonus Round!

Officially, not a lot of snow stuck in the city today. The tally as of 1 PM in the city is 0.2" at the Airport, although as much as 1.3" has been reported by the NWS in Northeast Philadelphia.  Not everyone picked up a lot of snow in this little bonanza of snowfall -- the 422 corridor mostly picked up trace amounts to an inch in higher elevations along the Main Line.  The bulk of today's snowfall fell across the northeastern and eastern suburbs -- in many respects, a Jersey and Bucks County hit as they picked up the bulk of today's snowfall.

Between three and four inches of snow as common in northern parts of Burlington County and Mercer County, with more snow falling across Central and North Jersey through the course of the day.  The "winners" today were Highland Lakes and Wantage, up in Sussex County in Northwest Jersey.  Both locations picked up 10" of snow.

Most of today's snow in the city has melted or will quickly melt tomorrow with the advancing warmth and sunshine that's in our forecast -- and yes, it will be sunnier and warmer tomorrow than the cold harshness (it was a bit brisk out there!) of today's morning snowfall.

What caused today's extra push of snow?  The coastal storm responsible threw moisture back into the region as it interacted with a mid level disturbance that was pulled through the region, caught around the circulation of the larger coastal storm out in the Atlantic.  This helped pull additional light and moderate snows back farther southwest.  The pull of moisture off of the Atlantic was such that New England and New York State also benefited (from a snowlover's standpoint) with a pretty hefty snowfall.   While this kicker disturbance was modeled well from most of the modeling, the steadiness of snow and the amounts were not well modeled except by the NAM in North Jersey, believe it or not.  That said, the NAM was overplaying the extent of snowfall into the city on Wednesday night's run by suggesting several inches were possible from this kicker.  It had a slightly better idea on the extent of snow but, as usual, overdid it.

Still doesn't mean the model did well, just sucked less on this one than the others!