Friday, March 29, 2013

Chill Continues Brief Retreat

After a couple of days of afternoon and evening atmospheric agitation showers, today looks to be a bit less agitated in the skies.  There will be a bit more sunshine and winds a bit less breezy.  The result of this should be a continuation of the moderation trend in temperatures.  There will be some pop up clouds later in the day, perhaps even a sprinkle or two in spots, but a good chunk of the day should be mostly sunny around the region.

We've been in the lower 50's for highs the past three days -- we should be able to get ourselves into the mid 50's tomorrow afternoon under mostly sunny skies with west and northwest breezes around 10 mph.  Some spots south of town could make a run into the upper 50's before day's end.  It will be a nice day to close out the work week (for those who are working on Good Friday), setting the stage for a mostly nice Easter weekend.