Thursday, March 21, 2013

Colder Than Last Year's Lows

We've posted enough stuff about how this March isn't like last -- that's the painfully (for warmth fans) obvious story out of this month's weather. What is, I think, more interesting as a factoid from this month is that our high temperatures will be colder than low temperatures on at least nine occasions through the course of this month, perhaps more!

From a chart standpoint, you can see the difference on temperatures alone.  We're working through a rather cold stretch compared to normal over the next couple of days, while last year we were in the midst of our eight 70+ degree days in 11 day stretch -- the infamous May in March.  This year's arctic blocking pattern has basically shut the door on any noted warming and is allowing us to have a chilled month.

Just in the past nine days (yesterday's not included on the graphic below), Philadelphia's 2013 high temperature has been lower than our 2012 high temperature on five occasions....and we're at seven for the month so far!  The 2012 lows for today and tomorrow were 58...and we're certainly not going to see high temperatures near that the next couple of days.

Needless to say, it's been a rather marked flip in the pattern -- but from a statistical standpoint, it's more intriguing to see the flip when you look at last year's low temperatures side by side to the high temperature.