Monday, March 04, 2013

Coolest March Start Since 2009

March's first four days are running a couple of degrees below average -- nothing spectacular compared to the average of 39.5 for the first four days of the month, but it is the coldest start to March in Philadelphia in a few years.  March weather is rather fickle from a meteorological perspective, especially in the front end of the month.   Temperatures over the past nine years have over twenty degrees of spread within them -- the coldest being 2009 in the wake of a snowstorm that moved through March 1st and 2nd with several inches of snow.  The warmest March start in recent years was 2008, the year prior, with an average temperature of 46.13 degrees.

The warmest March start appears to be 1991 -- temperatures averaged out to 54.63 degrees over the first four days, including a record high of 73 on March 3rd.  1972, the second warmest start, featured a record high of 77 on March 2nd, a cold front on March 3rd, and temperatures that dropped in a two day stretch from 77 the afternoon of the 2nd to 25 at 11 PM on March 3rd.  Fickleness, in deed.

The all-time coldest start in March looks to belong to 1980, with an average of 23.63 degrees.  March 1st-3rd featured lows of 15 or colder, with March 1st and 2nd featuring highs just in the 20's.

We definitely aren't feeling any signs of Spring out there yet this year but it has definitely been much, much colder in recent years...and farther back in the past.