Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Showers, Chill Briefly Returns Next Week

Easter weekend doesn't look terrible overall but the latter half of Easter Sunday does look a bit wet as a storm system pushes in from the southwest. Showers will approach the region during the midday hours and work through over the afternoon and evening. It will be a "mild" rain in that temperatures will be in the 50's on Sunday as showers move through and breezes from the south and southwest will help make it feel a bit milder out there than our past rain/snow/sleet events that we've had to endure.  However, those showers may transition into a period of steadier rains towards evening with the core of precipitation moving through the region.

Sunday's rainfall should yield between a third and two-thirds of an inch, with the best chance of most rain to the city's north.

Monday yields a pretty nice day for the most least until the evening hours as we will be between Sunday's showers and a reinforcing boundary of cold air that will slide through late in the day.  This boundary may have an area of low pressure that develops along it and pushes northeast on Monday night, spreading more rain into the region for Monday night and early Tuesday.  Models vary a bit on the specifics with Monday night into Tuesday, with the Euro not suggesting low pressure development and just a mere line of showers moving through with the advance of cold air.   Monday will be our best shot at 60 degree weather in the region until, perhaps, the end of next week.

Temperatures do cool down after the passage of the front on Monday night, with some upper 40's around to the city's north and northwest on Wednesday for a high and 50 or low 50's in the city.  It won't be entirely brutal as far as early April is concerned but it will be a good bit below average.

As we stated on Tuesday, the pattern is such that the chill will likely be shorter in duration going forward...and modeling is trying to warm us up for the end of next week.  60's, perhaps upper 60's, may be in the offing next Saturday.