Monday, March 11, 2013

Flipping Tails On March

March 2013 will not be like March 2012 -- the data is already showing that to be the case around here.  Through the first ten days of the month, this March is running about five degrees cooler than last March and we've yet to experience any 70 degree days.   Instead of doing a halfway and final look at the data, I wanted to do the March data at the 10th and 20th this year simply because March 2012 was vastly different -- and will not be like what we experience this year.

Last year at this point, we were just two days away from entering a stretch of eight 70 degree days in eleven days and had already picked up our first 70 degree day on the 8th.  So far this year, we've only cracked 60 once (this past Saturday's 62 degree high).  The data below is March through the 10th (yesterday).  The differences will be more stark when we get to the 20th and get that stretch of 70's ingested into the data.

This March may not be like last March but the tail this year is one, so far, of more typical weather. Not every March is like last year -- nor should it be.  This March's cooler, cloudier, and at times snowier look is what a March in Philadelphia is supposed to be like, whether you like that or not.

With another prolonged seasonal to below average stretch ahead, March 2013 will definitely not be among the warmest on record and may even go down with below average temperatures by month's end, which would mark the first time we've pulled that off since December 2010 and January 2011.