Saturday, March 09, 2013

Friendly Daylight Saving Time & Longer Days Reminder

Tonight marks the beginning of daylight saving time for 2013, which means an hour less of your weekend (or an hour less of sleep) as we spring forth at 2 AM and shove the sunrise and sunset back an hour for nearly eight months.  We'll get that hour back in early November.

I'm sure you've noticed the earlier sunrises the last couple of weeks, with the sun now popping up above the sky before 6:30 (that goes away from the next month) while the sun is still out until 6 PM.  We'll merely shift everything back an hour at this point but the march of longer days will continue for the next three months plus.

Between now and the end of the March, our length of daylight increases from 11 hours 43 minutes to 12 hours 38 minutes -- gaining 55 minutes over the next three weeks.  We add another 77 minutes in April, followed by another 54 minutes in May.  Those 6:30ish sunrises return around mid April, only with an extra 100 minutes or so of daylight thrown in for good measure.

Of course, once we hit June 21st the process will begin the slow and steady descent towards real short days in November and December...a process some of you are probably looking forward to already.