Saturday, March 09, 2013

From Snow To Sixty

Take a pause, take a gander, enjoy the fickleness of March weather.  We had snow 30 hours prior, in the 60's with the sun shining bright across the region.

The warm spot in the region today was Wilmington at 64 degrees.  60's were common throughout the Philadelphia metro on southwest to Baltimore and Washington, DC.  All of these locations beneficiaries of no snow left on the ground from yesterday.

Even to the north and east, places that did pick up a decent helping of snow yesterday, temperatures were still able to climb into the upper half of the 50's.  The combination of wall to wall sunshine, light winds from the north, and a lack of chill behind the coastal storm all combined to allow temperatures to take off.

March days in the 60's aren't unusual -- but going from snow the day prior to 60 the next day is.  The last time we had measurable snow (more than a trace) followed by a daytime high above 60 the following day was March 21st and 22nd, hit 65 the day after a brief snow shower in the morning of March 21st gave a tenth of an inch of snow to the Airport.  Yesterday's 0.2" was followed by 62 degrees the next day and a quick repression that it was rather brutal out just 24 hours ago.

Welcome to fickleness...welcome to March in Philly!