Saturday, March 23, 2013

It's Been One Year

Remember where you were a year ago at this hour?  It was 80 degrees in Philadelphia at 3 PM one year ago today.  It was the earliest 80 degree day in Philadelphia since the all-time record, March 8th, 2000, and it was the first March 80 since 2007.

Other warm highs that day around the region included 83 in DC, 81 in Wilmington, 80 in Allentown, 80 in Reading, 79 in Atlantic City, and 72 in Mount Pocono.

Contrast that to today...and most of this March...and it may have the warmth fans out there booking the first flight they can to the Caribbean for any warmth they can get their arms around.  Don't worry...warmer days are coming...maybe another 10 days, perhaps 14, but there are signs that the cold pattern should break down a bit once we nudge into April.

Until then, the map with the "pretty" oranges and photos taken around town last year will have to suffice.