Monday, March 18, 2013

Long Stretches of March Chill

Dependent on what happens on Tuesday, we could see a several day stretch where temperatures fail to reach 50.   Today marks day 3 of that streak.  If we fail to hit 50 tomorrow, we could see a streak of a week or more where we fail to see temperatures reach the 50 degree mark.

We've already been through one such stretch -- the first eight days of the month, which is tied for the 6th longest stretch within the months of March or April since 1980.  It is the longest stretch this century, believe it or not!  Getting two such streaks in a month, or even two months' time, is pretty rare.  We had a pair of six day streaks in 2007 -- March and April 4 through 9, but no other years had two lengthy streaks going back to 1980.

Prior to this, the old record was seven days, set from March 4-10, 2001. might remember a certain "storm" from that timeframe but it was also the prior longest such March and April cold stretch mark.

Going back to 1980, the longest stretch was was the first 14 days of March 1984, none of those days cracked 50 degrees for a high, with nine of those days featuring highs below 40 and three days with highs just in the 20's.  For March, those 20's are pretty darn ugly as far as chill is concerned.