Monday, March 11, 2013

Mainly Cloudy

Dense Fog has overspread the area from the city and points south and east, thanks to a light east and southeasterly wind off the ocean.  The fog should slowly burn off during the morning hours, but the forecast is kind of tricky as some guidance keep the fog through the day.  If that happens, temperatures will be much cooler than forecast.

Overall, if the fog does break as forecast, we'll still see a lot of clouds today with some sun from time to time.  Temperatures in the lower to middle 30's now will rise into the 50's, but it will feel a bit cooler than over the weekend.  A storm system west of us will move closer to the area today.  We'll eventually see some rain from it, but it will hold off till tonight.

Shore points will probably be a notch cooler thanks to breezes off of the Atlantic and fog holding serve there longer than those to the northwest.  It may ultimately be milder today in Allentown than in Atlantic City for a high temperature, which was the case yesterday as well.