Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Melting Madness

Now that March is melting its last cruel punches of winter behind us, fairer weather is ahead. It won't be "normal" by late March standards but we're working towards it.

If you can put up with a breeze that may gust to 20 mph or higher at times, a sky that will transition towards variably cloudy over the course of the day, and perhaps a sprinkle or flurry, today won't be a bad day.  Highs will be likely top out in the upper 40's, perhaps grazing 50 south of the city in the afternoon.

A few sprinkles, flurries, or graupel pellets are possible around town in the afternoon with instability generated from the cold air aloft and March sunshine teaming up to agitate the atmosphere. These won't be widespread but a few certainly are possible in spots as northwest winds churn through the day.  Any lingering snow out there at sunrise likely melts quickly through the course of the day, with little reminder of what fell yesterday around by the middle of the afternoon.