Saturday, March 02, 2013

Meteorological Winter 2012-2013 In Books

While the potential of a winter storm (or early Spring storm, depending on your flavor) looms for the East Coast next week, from a meteorological perspective winter ended with the flip of the calendar from February to March.  While we'll wait a few more weeks before writing the obituary on the winter locally from a snow perspective, we can show the comparison from winter to winter on temperatures.  Just note the average snowfall totals are through the end of February.

We were still nearly three degrees above average on temperatures this winter -- 38.2 was the final tally, good for 16th on the list of warmest winters since 1872. While warm, it really was a tale of two winters around here as the first half was the warmest we had seen since 2007, with the second half much more in line with "traditional" winter as the average temperature was closer to where normal is. This despite a rather yo-yoish second half of January that featured several warm days with a week of arctic chill in between.  Our highest temperature and lowest temperature for the winter occurred just a week apart.

We will revisit everyone's winter forecasts (they are linked on the left) once we get through the possible snow season in a few weeks.  Barring a major snowfall in the next few weeks, those forecasts look to be a massive fail on the whole from all forecasters locally.