Thursday, March 07, 2013

Milder Weekend Ahead

Milder weather lurks once the coastal storm's influence wanes over the region on Friday night.  Our weekend weather looks much nicer than what we've dealt with over the past several days -- sunshine and 50's are in the cards for both Saturday and Sunday.  On Sunday, southwesterly breezes may help some places make a run towards 60 degrees!

Viva Spring?  High pressure ridging across the whole of the East Coast plus a south and southwest breeze should provide for a pretty nice day as temperatures aloft and at the surface warm.  Sunday may be the mildest day we've had since February 15th...and perhaps milder than that 57 we got for a high on that day.

The mildness continues into Tuesday before that cold front modeled on the graphic above pushes to the coast.  We'll get rain out of that storm system before the front barrels through and brings us back to a chilled reality for the latter half of next week.  We're not quite into full blown Spring but for this weekend it won't feel all that bad out there!