Sunday, March 10, 2013

Next Weekend's Storm In Midst Of Old Fashioned March Pattern

Don't get terribly used to the milder regime in place. Colder weather returns around midweek, holding serve over the Delaware Valley through the weekend and into next week. Yeah, March is not going to have nine days of 70 or warmer like it did last year -- it's going to be a more traditional greenup and warmup for the Delaware Valley.

Along with that more traditional pattern, the next storm system that's forthcoming for the region after Tuesday's front (that will be rain for us) has the potential to bring rain or snow to it as it comes through on either Saturday or Sunday.  It's still several days out -- the Saturday into Sunday timeframe -- so a bit can change and the models are in a bit of disagree on timing with this -- the Euro the slower of the two models, the GFS the faster.  It won't be a strong system regardless so whatever falls from the sky will not be prolific on the rainy or snowy side.

Just don't expect a squall line of severe weather nor expect uber warmth later this week.

Highs in the latter half of the week will likely be in the lower to middle 40's.  It's possible we could see some relaxation in the pattern, nudging into the upper 40's by the weekend.  If the push of cold from Canada is less significant than modeled, the weekend system likely ends up as mostly rain...all of that is still to be determined.

The only thing that isn't up in the air at this point is that by week's end we won't be enjoying 60 degree weather.