Friday, March 22, 2013

Not Quite Frigid Friday But It'll Be Cold

Another brisk, crisp day in store for the region.  We were in our midst of 70's last year at this, we at least get back into the 40's although it's not going to feel terribly warm outside.

With a weak disturbance drifting through the region, clouds will be around at various times through the day.  Modeling varies on the amount of cloud cover that will be around, with the NAM holding overcast in place for much of the day and the GFS showing a more variable cloud and sun mix.

That difference in amount of overcast results in a decent spread in temperature in modeling -- the colder NAM has more clouds and suggests a high just above 40, with the less cloudy GFS suggesting mid to upper 40's.  We're tipping our caps slightly towards the NAM but not fully, using 44 as our high for the day.  Regardless, with the wind in place it's going to feel a bit colder.  West to northwest winds at 10 to 20 will gust to perhaps 30 mph at peak, resulting in wind chills that will be several degrees colder.