Monday, March 25, 2013

Rain and Snow

As of 7am, rain and snow have quickly overspread parts of our region, especially from the city and south and east.  It has increased in intensity and coverage.  There are some pretty heavy bands on radar, especially over Burlington county.  The main problem this morning(a good thing) is that temperatures are not very cold.  Its currently only 38 degrees in the city and most areas are in the mid to upper 30's.  Dewpoints are in the 20's, so that will help to cool temps a few degrees at the onset.  But in the last hour, temperatures south and west of the city into northern Delaware have cooled a few degrees and are now down to 33-34, with some spots down to the freezing mark

Tough forecast today as we are fighting marginal temperatures and a higher March sun angle.  We have lucked out with timing as most of the precipitation is falling during the day.  Had this occurred overnight, we may have seen several inches accumulate, even on roads.  That was the case in DC and Baltimore with several reports of 2-4 inches of snow the past few hours.  Myself living in the northwest suburbs of DC can verify that amount and the snow was sticking to even the major highways on my way to work.  Most of the snow in this area today, whatever sticks, will mainly be on trees, powerlines and the grass.

Two areas of low pressure this morning.  One is over southern Ohio and dying out, as it transfers its energy to a new developing low off the coast of Virgina. That low will quickly intensify as it moves northeast off the mid-atlantic coast today.

The heavies precipitation will fall during the morning and afternoon hours.  There will be banding at times, especially in southern New Jersey, and this is where the winter storm warnings are out.  Heavier precip will yield heavy snow, but lighter precip may just be rain.  We'll oscillate back and forth between both.  Lighter rain and snow will fall north and west of the city as those areas will be further away from the stronger dynamics and main precip field. 

See the map from previous entries for our snowfall amounts in the area today