Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Rain & Snow Today

Precipitation is just beginning to move into the Philadelphia metro area at this hour.  The radar is indicating a mix of rain and snow along I-95 and points north and west, and mainly rain south and east of I-95.  Precipitation is mainly light right now, but it will pick up in intensity later this morning.  I'm not expecting much snow accumulation during the daylight hours because, even though it's cloudy, the March sun is stronger and will most likely melt any snow that falls.  Plus, temperatures are already between 35 and 40 degrees region-wide, and we'll add a couple of degrees to that by the end of the afternoon...too warm to get much accumulation.

The precipitation type will likely be a rain/snow mix for the majority of the day, but if you're south and east of I-95 you'll see mainly rain with perhaps a few wet flakes mixing in.  Winds will be strong, and even stronger at the Shore.  Expect gusts to 40 mph inland and as high as 60 mph at the Shore.

This evening, as we lose the sun, most areas will change over to all snow.  1 to 3 inches is expected in Philadelphia with 2 to 5 inches likely south and west of the city.  We'll have a full update on this storm later this morning.