Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rains Into The Afternoon

By and large, today's rains will range between one half and one inch across the Delaware Valley -- nothing that will cause flooding across the region or anything that we can't handle.  However, it will make for a slow commute to the office around the Delaware Valley and will make for a soggy time of it through the midday and into the afternoon hours.  There may be a couple of breaks around in the rain across New Jersey during the morning hours as waves of rain track along the approaching front.

Modeling indicates the bulk of this is through the region by the afternoon rush hour, with rains tapering off in the western burbs by 3 PM or so, in the city by 4 PM, and across New Jersey by 5 or 6 (latest at the Shore).  The drive home in the afternoon in the Pennsylvania suburbs might not be that bad and, in fact, some sunshine can't be ruled out on the drive home across the far western burbs.

Highs today get into the upper 50's across Philly and points south, with mid 50's common across the Lehigh Valley.  Winds will be modest -- generally 5-15 mph from the south, 6-12 from the west.  Winds become a bigger factor tomorrow and Thursday.