Friday, March 15, 2013

Saturday Could Present Light Rain...Even Light Snow

With an approaching cool front today, clouds will increase.  The front passes through tonight with a few showers but largely benign in terms of precipitation impacts.  However, a weak wave of energy will traverse the front on Saturday morning and bring a shot of light rain and light snow to the Delaware Valley from mid/late morning into the afternoon hours.

Given the precipitation shield is not that robust, I don't expect significant amounts of precipitation but the atmosphere aloft will be slightly cold and the temperature profile of the bottom layers of the atmosphere may support it snowing to the surface along and north of a Wilmington to Atlantic City line.  Given it's March and given the precipitation is not that heavy, getting snow to stick is going to be really tough...however, the models do show the possibility of snow falling.  

It just may not stick. Probably not on roads...might stick in a few shady spots in the hills west and northwest of the city where elevation is your friend.  I can't see this being a huge travel impact event given the light intensity.  It's just enough to get the snowbirds happy and the spring lovers loathing.

Best chances of any precipitation are generally along and south of the Pennsylvania Turnpike and I-195, with flurries or nothing likely to fall north of that.  Precipitation cutoff generally seems to line up just north of the city.

South of the AC-Wilmington line (in general, it might be a notch north of that when we get to tomorrow), this looks like a chilled rain and shower round moving through.

Timing of this is generally mid morning into the mid afternoon hours on Saturday.  Again, precipitation does not look terribly robust for most of the region...the steadiest of showers should be farther to the south with this. 

It will, however, reinforce tomorrow's likely theme of chill and rawness at times as this moves through.