Monday, March 11, 2013

Tomorrow's Rains No Big Deal, Except for AM Drive

Tuesday's storm system passes through with plain rain for everyone -- no hints of ice, no concerns of snow.  Cold air only looms behind the storm or up over Canada.  We should generally be in the 50's tomorrow while it's raining -- or close to it at the onset of rain in the pre-dawn hours in the morning.

Rain falls off and on through the day, starting in the early morning hours before your drive into the office or wherever you head. It may mean a slow slog into the office, but in terms of impacts to the world, tomorrow's rains won't do all that much.  Modeling keeps the rainfall under an inch, with the NAM more aggressive (shocker there) than the GFS.  At minimum, about a half inch of rain looks realistic although some spots could end up getting above three-quarters of an inch to the city's north and northeast.  Nothing heavy but certainly a steady soaker around the region.

Rains should push through at least midday before ending in the afternoon from west to east.  Might even be lucky to coax out a few breaks in the clouds in the afternoon to the city's west in the late afternoon hours, perhaps in time to get a sunset shot or two in.