Friday, March 08, 2013

Updating The Morning Snow (Showers)

As you head out the door this morning, wanted to update the snow shower situation across the city, burbs, and points northeast. Bands of snow and snow showers are pivoting back into the Philly metro and beyond.  Snows have been more prolific to the north and northeast in New Jersey, with as much as eight inches of snow having accumulated overnight in Highland Lakes up in Sussex County.  Lesser amounts, although still solid accumulations, have accumulated down through Trenton (1.2" as of 6 AM) and into Bucks County.  Snow is flying around locally, with some coatings occurring on your car and your lawn this morning around town.  The 422 corridor is getting some coatings on your lawns and cars but with temperatures close to freezing, it's not sticking (yet) to roads locally.  Doubt it will once traffic gets out and about this morning as precipitation is pretty light.

As of 6 AM, the steadiest snows are occurring across Central and North Jersey -- although light snows are flying around Philadelphia and across the suburbs.  Farther south and west, snows are more of the flurry/snow shower type and these are pivoting to the south and southeast.  We will see snow showers and light snows continue for much of the morning before tapering off in the 10-Noon timeframe in the city, perhaps lingering into the early afternoon east of the city.  The key is it won't last all day.

Accumulations locally top out in the coating to an inch category, with more as you progress north...Trenton could see a couple of inches before this wraps up, with four to perhaps six inches possible from New Brunswick on north.