Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What Kind Of Winter Do You Want?

I posed this question recently on American Weather Forums -- if you had the choice between three different types of winter, what would you take?

The choices weren't clear cut -- and all had some variance of winter.  Those who voted couldn't vote exclusively for snowless winters or for a repeat of 2009-10 or 2010-11 just on pure hope and wishing.

Winters in Philadelphia often fall into one of five different buckets -- the rare snowfest like the winter of 2009-10 where snows and/or colder weather were plentiful in both halves of winter, the front-loaded winter where the first half of winter (December into January) performs well while the second half is mild, the back-loaded winter like 2007 and 2003 where snowfall is more extravagant after January 15th, the snowless winter, or one that features a rare mix of "normal" throughout the whole...occasional mildness, occasional chill, chances at snow off and on through the winter.

Taking out the snowfest and snowless while leaving the three other choices, which would you prefer?

Do you prefer the early winter -- one that brings the lion's share of snow and cold to the region in December and January, with an early spring in the offing thereafter?  How about the winter that starts mild and continues mild into January before winter takes over....and results in a late spring?  Or, do you take your chances and hope that winter produces on average throughout, knowing that your snowy heart could be ripped out with a cold rain in January while your longing for warmth in March could be ruined by a rogue late season snowfall?

For this poll you can't choose "no snow" or "all snow, all the time" -- but one of those three options...early and over with, late and delayed, or let "average" and climo ride and hope for the best?

The question's an intriguing one...and one that I hope spurs some interesting discussion.