Monday, April 08, 2013

A Quick Jump From First 70 To First 80

Today marked the first 70 degree day in Philadelphia this year, with the first 80 degree day not far away and perhaps reached as soon as tomorrow but definitely on Wednesday.  That one or two day swing between our first 70 and first 80 is the shortest duration of wait time between our first 70 degree high and first 80 degree high since 2001.  On April 9th, 2001, our first 70 and 80 degree day occurred as the high was 82 degrees.  We hadn't hit 70 prior to April 9th that year so we knocked out two milestones in one shot.

In recent history, we have had a bit of a wait between the first 70 and the first 80 -- either on the order of two to three weeks in the case of 2012, 2010, 2008, and 2005...or much longer in other years.  In 2007, we hit 73 on January 6th and didn't get to 80 degrees until March 27th.  While the March 27th first 80 is one of the earlier marks in Philadelphia, the 80 day duration is one of the longer wait periods between first 70 and first 80 on record.

Other years that featured a first 80 also being the first 70 or warmer of the year included 2000 (March 8th), 1998 (March 27th), 1990 (March 12th), 1960 (March 28th), 1945 (March 16th), 1917 (April 1st), and 1901 (April 29th).