Thursday, April 11, 2013

April 12th, 2013 Forecast

After a few thunderboomers last night dropped heavy rains, hail and a brilliant light show, we received a brief respite as we wait for the next round of rain showers to come in.  Yesterday's batch was the same storm system that dropped snow in portions of the upper Midwest and tornadoes in the St. Louis area.  Today, tornadoes are possible across Dixie Alley as the northern portion will impact us later tonight. 

We'll see hazy or mostly cloudy skies up until the early morning hours, then the showers begin to move in again.  Fog will start to form before midnight, so if you are traveling later this evening, use caution.  With an easterly wind, temperatures started dropping fast, and will fall into the 40's.  Winds will start to pick up just before the rain starts, from the east at 5 to 15 mph.  Tomorrow will be a soggy one, with the heaviest rain while you drive to work.  A rumble of thunder or two is also possible.  The NAM hints at cold air damming, keeping high's tame, in the mid- to upper 50's to the north and west, in the lower 60's around the metro and in the mid-60's to the south and east.  Winds will continue to come form the east.

Saturday and the upcoming weekend in general looks like a great spring weekend to get out and do something.  Saturday, skies will clear to mostly sunny skies with temperatures in the mid-60's.  Sunday looks like it'll be much of the same, with a light wind and brilliant sunshine, with highs in the lower to mid-60's again.  The start of the workweek looks warmer, with temperatures in the upper 60's under mostly sunny skies.  Tuesday, temperatures bump up into the 70's for a near perfect day.  Wednesday, we'll see more clouds in the sky with a chance of showers or a passing thunderstorm.  Not a complete washout of a day, but it might be a good idea bring the umbrella.  Thursday, skies remain mostly cloudy with temperatures near 70-degrees.