Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 18th, 2013 Forecast

A somewhat murky but mild pattern is in place over the region over the next 24 hours as a frontal boundary is stalled nearby. This front will gradually ease back north and warm the region up somewhat later tomorrow, but with the front just south of Philadelphia and south most of us this afternoon and evening it will provide an onshore flow of moisture off of the Atlantic, which will set the stage for a bit of a dreary night with clouds moving back in, drizzle, and perhaps some fog around...the best chances of any fog occurring along the Shore and across South Jersey.

Lows tonight will generally be in the upper half of the 40's or lower 50's.

Thursday is a bit trickier from a temperature and forecast standpoint -- clouds will dominate a fair bit of the day but the warm front will gradually progress north.  Expect some sunshine in spots, especially south through southwest of the city.  Morning drizzle and fog will depart, leaving mostly cloudy skies for most everyone else. Highs get to around 60 at the Shore, with 60's also common north and northeast of the city.  The city and points south and southwest have the best chance of getting to 70 degrees in the afternoon.  If clouds hold tight longer, highs may struggle to warm as much as projected.  We'll keep an eye on this and update in the morning.

Friday does look a bit warmer for all ahead of the cold front, with thunderstorm activity mostly lined up for the evening and nighttime hours as the cold front moves through.  A cooler but dry weekend awaits!