Monday, April 22, 2013

April 23rd, 2013 Forecast

Not the nicest of nights and days ahead. East winds blowing through the region this afternoon and evening will continue to push clouds and moisture in off of the Atlantic, setting up a gray night with drizzle and perhaps a few showers or sprinkles around along the coast. While the coastal low responsible for enhancing a less than stellar evening and Tuesday is safely out in the Atlantic, there's just enough influence there to muck up our weather.

Winds will be up through the night and into Tuesday before calming in the afternoon tomorrow.  Gusts could reach 35 mph along the coast, 30 mph east of the city at peak later this evening.

Lows tonight will range from the upper 30's west and northwest of the city where skies may be a bit clear longer tonight to the mid 40's at the coast and in the city.  Highs on Tuesday will range from 50ish at the Shore to around 60 along I-95 and points west.  The warmest temperatures tomorrow are possible out towards Reading and Lancaster where there could be a bit more sunshine tomorrow.

Wednesday offers the best chance for "warmth" this week as temperatures approach 70 in the Delaware Valley before a cold front moves through at night with showers and storms. We spend most of this week in the 60's, a few degrees cooler than average on the coolest days ahead (tomorrow and Friday).