Friday, April 05, 2013

April 6th, 2013 Forecast

With a little rain to start the day, things warmed up rather quickly.  Under mostly clear skies tonight, temperatures will drop back into the mid-30's over much of the area.  Winds will remain out of the northwest at 10 to 15 mph, so still a little breezy.  Tomorrow, another brilliant day with mostly sunny skies, however temperatures remain a little cooler.  High's remain in the mid- to upper 50's around the region.  Keeping those temperatures down is a northerly wind at 5 to 10 mph.


SATURDAY:  Springtime Sunshine, High: 55, Low: 38

SUNDAY:  Increasing Clouds - Rain Showers Possible by Afternoon, High: 64, Low: 51

MONDAY: Mostly Cloudy - PM Rain Showers, High: 69, Low: 54

TUESDAY:  Partly Sunny Early - Scattered Showers Late, High: 72, Low: 53

WEDNESDAY: Mostly Cloudy - Scattered Rain Showers, High: 68, Low: 47

THURSDAY: Remaining Unsettled - Lingering Showers, High: 66, Low: 45

FRIDAY: Isolated Shower Possible, High: 64

Looking into the weekend, the day to get things done would be Saturday, even though highs are cooler.  For Sunday, we'll start the day with increasing clouds.  By mid-afternoon, light showers will move in, before some heavier showers come in later.  Highs really bump up on Monday, inching close to the 70-degree mark.  It won't rain all day, but the greatest chance of rain will be in the afternoon.  If there are areas that don't reach 70-degrees on Monday, you will on Tuesday.  Also, like Monday, the greatest chance of rain will be in the afternoon.  Wednesday, the temperature drops a little, into the upper 60's, with scattered showers throughout the day.  Thursday remains dreary and unsettled, with more scattered showers in the area.  Finally on Friday, temperatures return to near-normal with just an isolated shower or two.