Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Breezes Wind Down Later In Day

Clouds are around the region this morning as the influence of a coastal storm that's offshore is pushing up the East Coast, not directly impacting us.  However, it is pushing east winds onshore in tandem with high pressure and those are helping to produce the clouds and breezy conditions.

We should see some thinning of those clouds through the day, especially to the city's west.  While it will be breezy into the afternoon, the region should see a slow erosion of the cloud deck from west to deck, transitioning to partly sunny and even mostly sunny late in the day west of town.  Clouds hold firm east of the city until late in the afternoon and with east winds temperatures will probably be coolest at the Shore today.  Some drizzle is possible along the immediate coastline and odds favor this not pushing too far inland this morning.

Expect afternoon highs ranging from the mid 50's at the Shore to around 60 in Philly and points west. We might be a bit optimistic at the Shore on temperatures but I do think we nudge back into the 50's by day's end there.  It won't be a terribly nice day but warmer weather returns tomorrow as we run into the 70's.