Saturday, April 27, 2013

Chamber Of Commerce Weather This Weekend

One of the easier forecasts we'll have in the course of the year. Lots of sunshine for the day.  After a crisp start with 30's and 40's around the Delaware Valley, the plethora of sun will dominate...just like yesterday.  Winds, just like yesterday, will be light...arguably lighter than yesterday.  We'll even be a few degrees warmer in temperatures today than yesterday through the Delaware Valley.

70 looks pretty likely in most places -- with a few bonus locations around town potentially getting a couple of degrees above that.  Winds may nudge around to the south in South Jersey and Delaware, bringing some slight cooling in the afternoon although the seabreeze won't be potent as steering aloft and at the surface is rather light.  If you don't hit 70, upper 60's looks likely.  Enjoy!