Monday, April 15, 2013

Chillin' Ahead Next Week

Once we get through the incoming rain and thunder threat on Friday -- a threat we'll check into on Tuesday -- a cooler regime is setting up shop across the eastern two-thirds of the country for the weekend and early next week.  We're not talking ridiculously cold air -- temperatures in the five to ten degree below average range is not out of the realm of possibility -- but it will be cooler next weekend and early next week.

As of now, the core of chill sets up across the Plains and Upper Midwest, again, where winter has no interest in letting go of its grip. Minneapolis has yet to record a 60 degree day, which is getting them into rarefied air as this is the latest they've gone since 1975 without hitting 60.  That trend may continue into the weekend and perhaps beyond the early portions of next week.  At least locally, we've broken the 70 and 80 degree barrier, of course on back-to-back days, but at least our weather will be more typical of this time of the year and not winter or summer as we work into this weekend.

Locally, it's not going to be cold by any stretch but temperatures will be cool -- highs in the upper 50's to near 60, lows may flirt with freezing in suburban areas on a couple of colder nights.  If you planted your flowering plants this past weekend thinking you were out of the woods for frost, be prepared for the possibility that you will need to throw down some blankets on your garden next weekend if you're out in outer burbs or in the Pinelands.