Monday, April 01, 2013

Coldest March Since 2005

March 2013 was the coldest in Philadelphia in eight years, coming in with an average final temperature of 41.2 degrees...2.3 degrees below average and eleven degrees colder than last year.  No 70 degree days this year, no days above 65 (first time since 2001 for that accomplishment), and 1.3" of snow at the Airport (most March snow since 2009) all also accompanied a month that ended up on the colder side of the temperature ledger.

March was the third month in the last five that featured colder than average temperatures -- joining November and February in the sweepstakes of chill.  The last time we had a lengthier stretch of colder than average weather was from June to December 2009 -- five of the seven months in that stretch were below average.

March had just six days of above average temperatures and 25 days of average or below on temperatures, a rather marked flip of the script from last year.  Outside of the warm stretch between March 9th and 12th where the highs for the day exceeded 60 degrees, only the 13th and 19th featured above average temperatures on the whole of the day.