Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cooler Weather Returns

In the wake of last night's storms and wind, cooler weather (and wind) is on the docket for today. Skies will feature a varied mix of clouds and sunshine.  Some higher resolution modeling, such as up above, depict the potential for a bit more cloud cover than other modeling...which suggests we go mostly sunny by midday.  If we split the difference and go with variably cloudy, the day probably pans out pretty close to reality.

Winds will be gusty -- west at 12-20 sustained, with gusts to 30 or so through the day. Cooler, less humid air will funnel in from the west through the course of the day.  The result of this is temperatures don't increase much through the course of the day.  Highs in the afternoon probably get to 60 or just above that from Philly on south, with 50's likely to the north and west.

Cold temperatures are on the way for tomorrow night...and yes, some frosty conditions are possible in the suburbs on Sunday morning as temperatures will dip down into the 30's...perhaps even 20's in the coolest of burbs.