Friday, April 05, 2013

Damp Start, Breezy Finish

Rains this morning are generally to the south and east of Philadelphia as we hit 5 AM.  Steadiest and heaviest rains are falling across South Jersey at this early hour, perhaps with a few sleet pellets mixed in aloft as temperatures are in the 30's across much of the region this morning.  Rains will continue to push east-northeast through South Jersey, Delaware, and along I-95 over the balance of the morning hours, with little or no rain expected north of the Pennsylvania Turnpike over the coming hours.  Rain should be out of Philadelphia by mid to late morning, with sunshine likely to follow this afternoon.

Drying breezes from the west and northwest will develop in the wake of the departing storm system, with sunshine breaking out during the afternoon hours through the Delaware Valley.  The result of all of this will be a mild finish to a damp start -- highs approach 60 in the city and points south, with mid and upper 50's to the north.  If clouds linger a bit longer, we might be kept down a degree or two in the temperature department...but the result of today looks to be a typical early April day, with early April breezes, but definitely a day that is milder than the past three.