Thursday, April 11, 2013

Falling Temperatures This Afternoon

It's in the low 60s in the city this morning with most of the suburbs sitting between 55 and 60.  There are clouds and fog around along with some mist or drizzle, but skies should become a little brighter later this morning.  We won't end up sunny today, but overall we should at least see a mix of sun and clouds, especially during the midday hours.

High temperatures today will occur early in the afternoon, around 1 or 2 PM, before a frontal boundary begins pushing south/westward through the region.  Philly should manage a high around 70 before temperatures drop into the upper 50s by 5 PM.  Allentown may get to about 60 early this afternoon before falling into the mid 50s by 5 PM.  The Shore Points may get to 60-65 this morning but will quickly fall into the mid 50s by noon and even into the upper 40s by 5 PM.

The best weather today will occur before lunchtime, so if you want to get out and enjoy it, it would be wise to do so this morning.