Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Feels Like Summer Again Today

Philly topped out at 84 degrees on Tuesday, tying the record high for the date.  Today's record high is 87 degrees in Philly -- this should be safe, but other record highs may be in jeopardy, such as Trenton's 83 and Wilmington's 84.

By noon, mid to upper 70s will be common across the region.  Philly should reach the mid 80's again today, with points north and west (Allentown) holding around 80.  The Shore will manage mid 70s before falling back to near 70 with an afternoon seabreeze.

Skies will be variable throughout the region today.  There will be more sun the farther south you are with more clouds farther north.  In fact, some thunderstorms may pop later today out to our west and northwest over Central and Northern Pennsylvania.  With a warm west-southwest breeze at 10 to 20 mph, today will certainly feel like summer again.