Monday, April 08, 2013

Flirting With Record Territory Wednesday PM

It's pretty likely Wednesday ends up being the warmest day of the upcoming stretch as temperatures push into the 80's in many locations during the afternoon hours.  In fact, the possibility of some locations flirting with record highs is not out of the question in a few spots.

Philadelphia's record high on Wednesday is 87 -- we probably miss this by a couple of degrees as modeling guidance suggests 84 or 85 but it looks like we get really close to that mark in Philly and record marks in Allentown, Reading, Atlantic City, and Mount Pocono.   However, Trenton and Wilmington have very reachable record marks.  Trenton's record is probably the easiest on the board to knock out at 83 degrees -- I think if any record goes, that's the one to do it.  Wilmington, at 84, is a notch higher but also doable.

All the signature factors for major league warmth are in place for Wednesday -- high pressure centered just east of the Carolinas, west and southwest surface winds, and a ridge of high pressure aloft.  All of those working together in April provide the perfect mix for significant warmth.

Thursday seems to be a bit of a wildcard in terms of warmth at this point as some modeling is trying to bring back the backdoor front that it had largely removed from the forecast 36 hours ago -- the Euro is the most aggressive in driving this front south and it results in temperatures a good bit cooler.  Other guidance is slower in sliding the front through...and it's possible we squeeze a second 80 degree day out but the odds aren't quite as high.