Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Friday's Rains A Morning Event, Mostly

Friday's storm system appears to impact our region mostly in the morning into midday hours with rain. Modeling continues to show the impacts of the storm system will be higher along and east of the city, with little or no rain expected as one travels west of I-95 during the morning hours.

Rainfall should work in during the late night and early morning on Friday...again, the lion's share of it will be in Jersey and Delaware as low pressure works up the coast.  By midday, most of the rain should be about to work its way out of Philadelphia as a few lingering areas of showers work through...the bulk of the rains still hanging out at the Shore.

Winds may be a bit of a factor EAST of the city -- particularly at the Shore as gusts could exceed 30 or 35 mph. It does not look like a major coastal storm by any stretch but it will kick up the wind a bit and probably bring one tidal cycle where there could be some minor coastal flooding in the usual suspect areas.

Rainfall totals will be heavier at the Shore compared to inland -- an inch of rain or more is possible along the Jersey coastline down into Delaware. Locally, less than a half inch of rain looks likely at this point. Given we're straddling the fence a bit it's possible a bit more or less rain moves through but you can see the sharp gradient to the north and northwest of the Shore...rainfall quickly cuts down to mere pittances north and west of I-95. It's possible that folks north and west of the city don't see more than a few showers in the morning hours on Friday.

Regarding the Phillies game, since that's of importance to the baseball crowd out there, it looks like the game will get played on Friday if modeling projections are right. Looking at the recent data, delays might not even be an issue and it's possible we get some sunshine before the game ends. Temperatures will be chilled, around 50 it appears during the game, but it's better than combating showers.