Monday, April 22, 2013

Friday's Storm Event More Significant In Central PA

Friday's severe weather event along the East Coast produced 200 reports of severe weather, almost all of them due to wind damage of some sort. There were a few tornado reports, with one in New York State near Binghamton and the rest to the south of us (Virginia and the Carolinas).

Locally, the bulk of severe weather reports were to our west over Central Pennsylvania, with a couple of scattered reports to the south and southwest of us over the Eastern Shore of Maryland as a stronger cell worked through to our south.  However, there were no reports of severe weather in the immediate Delaware Valley -- the timing (nighttime) and our proximity to the Atlantic's cooler water provided enough stability to help weaken the thunder line as it hit us.

To our west, however, the line was rather formidable between 5 and 7:30 PM as it marched east.  The radar snapshot below is from 6:30 PM, around the peak of the line's strength and intensity in Central Pennsylvania...which happens to coincide with the line producing its damage reports in Central PA. Winds gusted to 62 mph near Williamsport, to 59 mph at Fort Indiantown (just below Blue Mountain east of Harrisburg), and to 55 mph in Harrisburg.

The closest to our region was to any of those level of winds was down near Wilmington.  Winds gusted to 40 mph south of there with a stronger piece of the line, which had produced some damage in Maryland earlier in the evening.   We experienced between a third of an inch and a full inch of rain with the thunderstorms on Friday night, with the city getting just over a half inch of rain.