Friday, April 12, 2013

From Snow To Severe - April Storm Brings It All

This week's storm system that developed and moved across the country has certainly delivered just about every type of weather -- ice and snow to severe weather. Winter chill to summer heat -- in Texas' case, all through the course of the state at one point early Wednesday.  The storm system has been responsible for a bit of everything...and while it's not unusual to get wild and wacky weather in early to mid April, the level of atmospheric tantrum on display is enough to have folks on both side of the warm front asking for a sense of normalcy.

Wednesday afternoon's temperatures were rather evident of this -- 70's, 80's, and 90's across the East and Southeast, with teens, 20's, and 30's across the Plains and Rockies.  Such temperature contrasts typically will yield something wild and wacky.

Wednesday certainly provided that with a severe weather outbreak that spread from Texas to New Jersey, with over 200 reports of severe weather along the cold fronts responsible for the end to the heat.  There were four tornado reports -- none of which in Pennsylvania officially, but one was near St. Louis and another in Arkansas among those four.

As we moved into Thursday, the disturbance that spawned Wednesday's severe weather from Ohio into New Jersey pushed east, helping push the backdoor front south.  However, severe weather continued into the South, with damage from Mississippi into Alabama primarily.  Upper level energy pushed into Minnesota and dumped as much as a foot of snow across Southwestern Minnesota and brought thundersnow and thundersleet into Minneapolis during the morning hours yesterday.  The Twin Cities picked up their most April snowfall since 2002.

No snow for us in Philadelphia -- likely no severe today as well here in the Delaware Valley. However, our swing from March to June back to April in a few days' time is a reminder of the fickleness of Spring and that someone usually pays a price for such fickle weather.